Works commenced on the compound week commencing 24 May 2021 and in liaison with the landowner our contractor is making good progress with setting this up.

We are currently in the process of addressing the resident’s concerns and will look to work with them throughout delivery to ensure any disruption is minimised.

Our contractor is currently planning to move down to the main construction site on Thursday 10 June 2021 to begin works, the first stage of which will involve setting up a temporary flood defence.

As highlighted in previous correspondence, having this temporary structure in place will restrict access to residents vehicular parking bays and alternate parking arrangements will need to be in place.

We are currently looking at the options available for this, but some initial alternatives we have proposed to residents have not been well received.

We are working with residents to address any concerns they might have around the working arrangements, with a view to some mutually agreeable arrangement being put in place.

We are expecting details of the Section 50 licenses to be released at some point soon for WMTC’s review and signing. I will let you know as soon as the details become available as you may wish to hold a council meeting to discuss the content before these are formally signed off.

I hope this information is of some assistance and we will look to provide you with a further update on progress with the scheme in due course.

If there are any queries in the meantime please contact the Lead Local Flood Authority team at Essex County Council by email: floods@essex.gov.uk


Essex County Council (ECC) have been working with the Old City Flood Gate group and West Mersea Town Council on delivery of a flood alleviation scheme that aims to reduce the risk of flooding to 12 residential properties on Coast Road and The Lane, West Mersea. A large tidal surge occurred in December 2013 flooding around 10 properties in the area and at least 6 incidents or near misses have been recorded since then, causing significant damage to property and disruption to the community.

The flood alleviation scheme involves installation of a demountable flood defence barrier (click here to view) and associated infrastructure, that will be deployed across The Lane and Carriers Close at times when there is an Environment Agency flood warning in place. Once constructed the scheme will be handed over to the Old City Flood Gate group to operate and maintain, which is a unique feature of the scheme and potentially one of the first examples of such an approach in the UK.

The construction contract has been awarded and it is currently proposed for the works to proceed in early May 2021. The works are expected to take in the region of 12-18 weeks to complete, although this timescale may vary pending on site constraints. There may be some disruption to normal service in the local area over this period, however we will aim to keep this to a minimum and residents will be kept updated on any changes to program, along with progress being made on site.

If there are any queries regarding the proposed flood alleviation scheme then please do not hesitate to contact the Lead Local Flood Authority team at Essex County Council by email: floods@essex.gov.uk

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