Public consultation from 4th October 2021 to 15th November 2021.

Colchester Borough Council has published the Section 2 Colchester Local Plan Main Modifications Schedule along with the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). As required, it is now subject to a six week period of public consultation.

The Colchester Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 9th October 2017 to begin independent examination by a government appointed Inspector. Section 1 of the Local Plan (Shared Strategic Section 1 Local Plan) for Colchester Borough Council, Braintree District Council and Tendring District Council was adopted by the Council on 1st February 2021.

Section 2 of the Local Plan (which contains policies and allocations specific to Colchester only) has been examined separately, following adoption of the Section 1 Local Plan. Following hearing sessions in April 2021, the Inspector has recommended main modifications, he considers necessary to make the plan sound.
All relevant comments received during the consultation period will be considered by the Planning Inspector before any modifications are finalised and the Inspector issues his Final Report.

The consultation documents consist of:

  • Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications
  • Schedule of Proposed Additional Modifications
  • Schedule of Proposed Policies Map Modifications
  • Sustainability Appraisal (SA)
  • Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA)

A 'Tracked Changes' version of the Section 2 Local Plan has also been produced to show how the proposed modifications would appear in full. All consultation documents are available to view via the Council's Examination website:

The consultation relates specifically to these documents and in particular the main modifications which have been recommended by the Inspector. This consultation is not an opportunity to repeat or raise further representations about the published plan or to seek further changes to the plan.

How to respond
You can use the online consultation system to make representations accessed at:
If you have already registered for a previous consultation, but forgotten your password you will be able to request a new one. You can register as a new user to complete your response online if you have not done so before. Please refer to the guidance notes provided.

Alternatively, you can email a completed response form to or send to: Planning Policy, Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3WG.

Further information on using the online consultation system, a guidance note, and representation form is available on the Council's Examination website:
For more information or assistance contact CBC on 01206 282975, 01206 282541, 01206 282625 or via email: 

Hard copies of the Local Plan and the consultation documents are available to view at Colchester Library during normal opening hours and in accordance with their Covid-19 regulations.
Comments on the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment which accompanies the modifications schedules are also welcomed as part of this consultation.
All representations will be considered, published on the Council’s Consultation Portal in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation.
We will submit all representations received to the Independent Planning Inspector appointed to examine the Local Plan. Representations made to the additional and policy map modifications are for the Council to consider.

The deadline for responding is 5.00pm on 15th November 2021. 

If you no longer wish to remain on our consultation database or if your contact details have changed, please contact us. Thank you in advance for your contributions. If you have any queries or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Policy Team.

Yours faithfully
Karen Syrett
Lead Officer: Planning, Housing & Economic Growth


Email received from Essex Marine Conservation Advice Team, Natural England.

Email to provide an update on the publication of Marine Conservation Advice packages for September 2021 and to offer you the opportunity to send comments/feedback, or suggest new information, for the relevant Marine Protected Area.

Please send your comments to the Essex Conservation Advice mailbox: between Wednesday 29th September and Wednesday 22nd December 2021. We will review all comments and respond after the 'invitation to comment' period has passed. Specific topics for your comments are listed below, under the relevant sections.

Summary of the September 2021 updates
On 17th September 2021, Natural England's Marine Conservation Advice published: new draft advice for 9 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), formal advice for 6 MPAs, formal advice for select features for 4 MPAs, made updates to 18 formal advice packages and updates to 1 draft package. Please click here to view summarised infographic. The updates to existing packages in this publication round are reflected in the most recent 'September 2021 publication updates' document click here.

Where to find marine conservation advice packages
The package listed in this email can be accessed via the Marine Protected Areas: conservation advice packages collection, alongside previously published advice. Packages are split among 5 sea regions, as detailed below. You can also navigate directly to the packages by using the Search Tool or via the Index Map 

1. Publication of draft advice packages
We are inviting comment on the draft advice package listed below. Your feedback will be used to inform the production of formal advice and we would welcome comments on the following:
1. the clarity of the advice (e.g. are the objectives clear and easily understood)
2. the quality of the evidence used and whether you hold any better information that would improve the advice
3. whether it is clear how this advice informs the following:
    a. proactive management
    b. completing a HRA/MCZ assessment

The draft advice was published on 17th September for the following site:
Southern North Sea Kentish Knock East Marine Conservation Zone (UKMCZ0080)*

Please note: draft advice does not constitute our statutory advice. Until then, it should be used as a basis for informing management and case work responses as it reflects the most up-to-date evidence we hold.

* Advice is joint with JNCC and consultation responses need to be shared so please note that by responding to this email you are agreeing for your contact information to be shared with the relevant team within Natural England/JNCC.

2. Webpage updates and edits to supporting documents found on the MPA CA Guidance page

  • The new section introduced to published packages in March 2021, named the 'Site image collection' has had some additional site-specific images added. As previously explained, this does not constitute as a component of Marine Conservation Advice, but rather provides some further interest to the packages themselves. This also remains a 'work in progress' and so some sites are waiting for photographs to be added. If this is the case, caveat text will explain that the images are not yet available.
  • The HRA flowchart and MCZ Assessment flowchart have both had minor updates to the layout and make reference to the policy which informs them.
  • We would welcome your feedback on the recently updated document 'Guidance on how to use Natural England's Conservation Advice Packages for Environmental Assessments' which has now been updated to reflect up-to-date screenshots from the flowcharts and Magic Maps.
  • We would also welcome any additional comments you have on the full range of guidance and supporting materials that are available on the MPA CA Guidance page: if you use these, which ones you consider to be useful and if these were consolidated, if they would be more helpful.

We very much look forward to your feedback. Please send your comments to the Essex Conservation Advice mailbox by Wednesday 22 December 2021: 

Essex Marine Conservation Advice Team
Natural England

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