Meetings 2017

All meetings will be recorded. Key: A (Agenda), M (Minutes), DM (Draft Minutes), T (Task Tracker), R (Reports), P (Plans).

2017 Time Meeting A M T R
5 January 7pm Council A M    
17 January 7pm Extraordinary Meeting A M    
18 January 10am Bradwell Monitoring Committee A M T R | W | B
24 January 7pm Neighbourhood Plan        
26 January 7pm Finance & Planning A M   P
30 January 10am Car Parking Strategy A    T  
6 February 7pm Personnel Committee A     DM
8 February 2pm Cemetery Committee A      
16 February 7pm Council A     P
22 February 10am Bradwell Monitoring Committee A M T R
28 February 12pm Personnel Committee A     DM
28 February 7pm Neighbourhood Plan        
8 March 5pm Waterside Committee A     DM
9 March 7pm Council A     P
10 March 10am Communications Committee (cancelled)     T DM
14 March 2pm Cemetery Working Group A      
22 March 10am Facilities & Assets Committee A     DM
23 March 7pm Extraordinary Council A      
27 March 10am Personnel Committee A      
28 March 7pm Neighbourhood Plan        
30 March 7pm Council A     P | DM | DM
12 April 10am Personnel Meeting A      
20 April 7pm Town Meeting A     DM
24 April 10am Transport Committee (Car Parking Strategy) A     DM
25 April 7pm Neighbourhood Plan        
6 May 9.30am Councillor Surgery        
11 May 7pm AGM        
16 May 10am Bradwell Monitoring Committee     T DM
23 May 7pm Neighbourhood Plan        
1 June 7pm Council        
3 June 9.30am Councillor Surgery        


You are welcome to come along to any West Mersea Town Council Meeting to "Have Your Say" on any subject relevant to the Council. Our Council Meetings are held on Thursday evenings approximately every three weeks. Proceedings start at 7pm sharp - fifteen minutes at the beginning of each meeting are allowed specifically for members of the public to voice their opinions on planning matters or anything else they may wish to "get off their chest" - however the subject must come within the remit of the Council.
Once the formal meeting begins the public are no longer allowed to speak unless especially asked to do so by the Chairman, (usually the Mayor), who will adjourn the meeting temporarily, after which you are welcome to stay and listen to the Council proceedings. 


The Town Meeting takes place in April or May, at 7pm when the Mayor and the Town Clerk present their annual reports. The meeting is open to the public and residents are invited to ask questions and discuss issues that they may wish the Council to focus upon during the forthcoming year.

annual general meeting

The AGM is held in May when Councillors elect the new Mayor. The Mayor presides for one year.

committee meetings

The public may attend committee meetings.


The Councillors would like to meet with the residents of West Mersea to hear first-hand any views or ideas on how to improve the facilities in West Mersea and to receive any concerns that you may have. A wide spectrum of subjects are raised by members of the public some of which fall outside of West Mersea Town Council's remit but never-the-less will be addressed by the Council through representations with both Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council. The surgery will be an opportunity to talk to Town Councillors on a face to face basis.

No need to book - just turn up.
Everyone is welcome!
For more information please contact Petra Palfreyman, Town Clerk, on 01206 382128 or email